What is the Best Breakfast Sandwich Maker?

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What’s in For You Here on This Website?

Our team does lots of research and cover various topics on sandwich makers on this website. You will find buying guides, sandwich maker reviews, comparison of top models, sandwich recipes and much more.

Sandwich – The globally Loved Breakfast Choice

A sandwich is immensely popular among people all over the world as a choice for morning breakfast. And why not? Given the variety and recipes that one can enjoy when it comes to sandwich, it’s surely everyone’s favorite food.

Whether you are in a hurry to office or want to enjoy a tasty breakfast during weekends with your family, having a sandwich never disappoints you !

Need proof? Here is a mouth watering picture of different types of sandwiches. Now you know what are we talking about :-)

Home Page Sandwich Images

I am everyone’s favorite choice for breakfast !!

Why People Love a Sandwich So Much?

It’s a Quick Bite : Sandwiches are quite easy to prepare and it’s known as ‘easy food on the go’ especially for the people who are always on the move in this fast paced world.

A sandwich can be described as a food consisting of fillings stuffed in between two or three slices of bread, either with veggies, cheese, butter, shredded chicken, bacon , tuna and last but not the least with egg omelets (You will see more on many delicious sandwich recipes in our recipes section).

Sandwich is popularized as an ‘easy to make food’ which kills your hunger within no time either at breakfast or lunch. You could either go for a soft sandwich or grilled one according to your preference.

Hundreds of Sandwich Recipes Available : There are literally hundreds of sandwich recipes available and for example, the sandwiches made by fresh veggies are rich in vitamins with less fat can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Sandwiches stuffed with eggs, tuna, chicken and bacon are rich in protein, minerals and people just love it. You can enjoy your sandwich with your favorite dipping like ketchup, garlic sauce, and mayonnaise sauce.

Preparing a Sandwich


Photo: Flickr

Well, there are two main methods for preparing sandwiches, one is raw and other is toastedThen again,  there are several types in raw itself as well as in toasted types depending on the filling or stuffing used.

In earlier times, a slab of stone, clay or iron were used on the open fire or coal to prepare toasted sandwiches. As the time passed, people started using a pie iron or pudgy pie iron which consists of two plates on long handle with two hinged concave either of round or square shaped metal.

The two plates when clamped together will form an enclosed compartment which is best suited to prepare toasted sandwiches, where the plates even seal the outside edges of the sandwich to resist the filling to come out.

These are made of cast irons which can be cooked over open fire and also on coal.

A Breakfast Sandwich Maker – The Right Device for Making Delicious Sandwiches

Sandwich Maker

Delicious Sandwich in Minutes

If we come back toady, it’s the era of electric sandwich makers where no more hassles of flame or coal. Just place the raw sandwich in the maker, close and press the button, within couple of minutes your delicious toasted sandwich will be ready for your enjoyment!

We call this as a right mix of technology and innovation !

What is the Best Breakfast Sandwich Maker?

Lots of people ask this question on various forums. Either they ask their friends, relatives, post a question on online forums to know about how to choose the best sandwich maker and where to get it for great price?

While, there are plenty of manufacturers who produce quality sandwich makers, buyers often find themselves into a situation where they are overwhelmed by so many choices available or they just buy a sandwich maker of highest price to save time.

This presents two problems. People either spend lots of time in searching and finalizing the right sandwich maker or they over-spend on the product (due to lack of information on where to get genuine products for great price).

Welcome to BestSandwichMaker.com and Discover the Best Breakfast Sandwich Maker

We studied and understood various hassles faced by buyers (whether first time or repeat buyers) and decided to create an online resource to help people to quickly choose the RIGHT sandwich maker for their customized needs and show them where they can get it for a great price !

Our team of writers cover various topics on this website such as buying guide, sandwich maker reviews , comparison guide , sandwich recipes and even useful information about other similar devices like a toaster.

Let’s begin with our ultimate sandwich maker comparison guide which consists of top rated sandwich makers that are handpicked by our team based on extensive research and reviews.

Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich Maker Comparison Guide

Below are the top rated sandwich makers available online at present. No more going through lengthy list of sandwich makers and confuse yourself about which product to go for. (PS: this comparison guide is updated on monthly basis).

>> See and Compare Top Sandwich Makers<<

Types of Sandwich Makers.

There are mainly three types of sandwich makers

  1. Open Fire Based Sandwich Makers : The sandwich maker which can be used with open fire. Rome’s Square and Round Pie Iron-Cast Iron are the best examples for this.  As the name implies , these are made up of solid cast iron and quite old types of devices existing since 1964. Just place the breads in this device with your favorite fillings, close the lid with the help of long and strong handle toast over the fire. Preparing sandwiches with these kinds of makers is really a fun. Here you can prepare square or round sandwich as per your choice.
  2. The sandwich maker which can be used on gas, ceramic and electric hobs. The best example is Diablo Stovetop Toasted Sandwich Snack MakerA non-stick, scratch resistant titanium coating is present in this device. Here,the sandwiches will be deep, disc shaped. Variety of snacks and even a mini meal can be prepared using Diablo. It is very easy to use and clean as it is dish washer safe.
  3. Electric Sandwich Makers :  These type of sandwich makers use electrical power source for operation and have become extremely popular in these days. 

Why Electric Sandwich Makers are the Best Ones?

When compared to sandwich makers that are used with open fire or with a gas stove, electric sandwich makers offer more convenience , hassle free and safe.

No need to worry about fire or smoke, the electrically powered devices keep your kitchen clean. They also come with temperature control options so that you don’t have to worry about a ‘burnt’ sandwich.

These kind of products also consists of  ‘seal and cut’ feature,  providing the right shape to the sandwich. Handling an electric sandwich maker is easy and most of them are dish washer safe. Did we forget to mention that , they are pretty quick at their job?

A minor disadvantage of electric sandwich makers is that they are not ideal to be used at outdoors since they need an electrical source for their functioning.

How To Select a Good Breakfast Sandwich Maker?

Choosing the best sandwich maker can be a daunting task for many. While our ultimate comparison guide above on this website made it really easy to quickly know about the best rated devices out there, we still recommend you to keep the below points in mind while shopping for a breakfast sandwich maker.

  • Good Brand Matters : Like any other home appliances, there are few leading players or brands even in sandwich makers. For example brands like Hamilton Beach , Cuisinart, Breville , Prictor Silex , WaringBlack and Decker (this is a partial list) will never disappoint you. Stay away from local brands whose products can cost you less than branded ones, but soon you will realize why they costed so cheap !
  • Read Reviews : I am sure many people do read reviews before buying anything and some rely upon word-of-mouth recommendations. However make sure that you read reviews. By reading well written reviews, you will know that whether the product meets your needs, what are the shortcomings etc.
  • Size of the Product: Make sure that you get the right sized product.
  • Ease of Use and Cleaning : The sandwich maker you are going to buy should be easy to use and maintain. Especially panini makers need to be cleaned properly before next use.
  • Dishwasher Safe : Check whether the product is dishwasher safe. It just takes few more minutes to either ask this question to the store manager (if are buying the product from physical store) or read specifications (online).

Reviews of Top 3 Best Rated Breakfast Sandwich Makers

1. Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Picture of Hamilton Beach Sandwich MakerWithout any doubt, this is one of the best sandwich makers out there.

In just under 5 minutes, you will have your tasty breakfast ready for consumption. You will love its unique design as well.

You can read our full review here or buy it directly from Amazon


2. Cuisinart GR-4N, 5 in 1 Griddler

cuisinart gr-4n 5 in 1This one will bring smile on your face if you are looking for a multi-purpose griddler which also makes sandwich and works perfectly as a contact grill, Panini press, full grill, full griddle, half grill/half griddle according to your need. Isn’t it great to have all these features in one device?

Cusinart GR-4N understands this need and performs brilliantly in various departments.

Read our full review on this website or buy this product directly from Amazon

3. Breville BSG1974XL – The Original Sandwich maker

breville BSG1974xlInvented in 1974 and named after its inventor Breville, this sandwich maker has PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic acid) free non-stick coating to make cleaning easy. Storage space required is very less, as it stands upright.

It’s a stainless steel ‘seal and cut’ sandwich maker which cuts the sandwich diagonally. It consists of deeper area for more filling.

See full user reviews , rating and price on Amazon