A Toaster or Sandwich Maker? Our Verdict Inside

Toaster is Not New to World

Almost every household has a toaster to make delicious sandwiches for breakfast. As much as it is loved by everyone, there are different kinds of toasters to make a great sandwich. Your choice of toasters can vary from the old fashioned two sliced toasters to even the one that toasts four to six bread slices.

Since its humble beginnings of wire that sat on the cold stove with the bread pieces toasted by the heat flame of the gas range, the toaster has indeed come quite a long way.

Earlier toasters came in white as that was the colour of the kitchen. However, today you can get these in many colours and are equipped with advanced features as well for various kinds of toasting.

These became very popular and tasted much better than plain bread. Pop-up toasters were a common type of appliances that allow for putting two or four bread slices at a time and then the lever is pushed down.

This activates the heating element, toasting your bread in a couple of minutes. Also, as soon as the bread is done, an automated mechanism makes the bread pop up.

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Enter the Sandwich Maker

There is another way of eating your bread if you have a sandwich maker. With the appliance in your kitchen, you’re just moments away from creating a fantastic breakfast or meal, fast and easy.

Sandwiches that are made in the appliance are tasty foods created quickly without too much of a mess.

The equipment is so versatile that you could be just reaching out for the bread and cheese with some peppers and veggies, toss it in the sandwich maker for a super easy, tasty and healthy meal after a busy working day than hauling the pots and pans.

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What are Differences between Toasters and Sandwich Makers?

So, what are the various benefits, differences, and disadvantages between a toaster and sandwich maker? Though both cook tasty bread, they are far apart from utility and versatility that makes them distinctive from each other.

Price: While most people think that products that are expensive are usually of the highest quality when it comes to these kitchen appliances, make sure you check out whether they are just perfect for your everyday needs.

For instance, top of the line toasters may fall short of providing quality toasts for your breakfast.

In that case, your money will go to waste. If you choose a sandwich maker for that cost, then there are many recipes that you can try creating and serving at the breakfast table, brunch or dinner.

Cost-Effectiveness: You can easily get a 6 piece toast from the toaster for the family. However, sandwich makers usually come in compartments, so if you buy more than one it means that each pair of bread pieces will be cooked using separate heat plates. Hence, energy consumption is higher which will take a toll on your monthly utility bill.

Versatility: Toasters aren’t able to create sandwiches as the appliance does not allow for adding any filling. Sandwich makers, on the other hand, are extremely versatile using which you can prepare war sandwich melts, snack on pizza crusts, biscuits, cook eggs, mix cheese and meat to make a sandwich topping.

Recipes that Can be Tried: There is the provision to use bread or tortillas with your favourite filling can be savoured at breakfast. Simple baking mixes can be easily cooked in a sandwich maker. Also, add crushed sugar on fruits to caramelise food that you can snack on. So, you see there are myriad of recipes that can be prepared quickly in sandwich makers when compared to toasters.


Though the later may be low in pricing, handy, and a sure hit for crunchy breakfast bread, sandwich makers are sure to be a great deal for the money spent as you could only survive on the fantastic bread recipes that everyone can create.

A sandwich maker can toast your bread and do much more than that. Surely, you can realise the performance of the appliance is massive against simple toasters.

Though toasters are still used all over the world and are popular in the household and even food joints, yet the homemaker can do more better with a sandwich maker stacked at the kitchen counter for easy, tasty and hassle free cooking every day!

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