How to Choose the Best Toaster Oven?

A toaster oven is a counter-top device that’s primarily used to toast or warm food, but may also be employed to cook stuff similar to a regular oven.

Benefits Of Using A Toaster Oven

1. Bacon & Crisping Pizza

While you may heat bacon & pizza inside a microwave, the results normally disappoint. In-spite of microwave crisping trays, you receive soggy pizza crust and limp bacon. Many toaster ovens contain drip pan and a ridged broil rack, that allows bacon to crisp as the drippings start collecting below to avoid smoking & splatter.

2. Energy Savings

Heat gets concentrated inside your food instead of being wasted in order to warm up the bigger airspace of a conventional oven. This energy provides you with reduced cooking period.

3. Saving Weight

Toaster ovens are must for galley kitchens in RVs, watercraft, and studio apartments requiring as small as four and a half cubic feet space compared to nine cubic feet required for a traditional oven. While weight isn’t a factor inside an apartment, an extra 100 pounds will drop RV fuel economy up-to 2%, as per the Icon Direct RV Fuel Savings Guide.

Traditional ovens measure between 120 pounds for one 27 inch oven while go up-to 400 or more for bigger ovens.

Things To Consider Before Selecting A Toaster Oven

1. Functions

Present toaster ovens provide you with a wide range of functions. Although all ovens will toast & broil, present appliances also provide extra features such as rotisserie & convection baking functions. While looking for your options, take into account what you will be using the oven for.

People who’re planning to use it like a second oven, or as an alternative to a traditional oven will need more functionality than those who’re simply toasting slices of bagels & bread. There’re also several choices with respect to user controls. Few ovens provide digital touch-pad features, while others may offer easy, knob dial controls.

If a exact or timer temperature control is necessary for you, you must carefully research ovens in order to make sure it has necessary features which you need.

2. Size

Convection ovens and Toaster come in a wide array of sizes. There are few which take up very small space while others need more room. The smaller ovens might fit in a large cupboard while they’re not being used, while the bigger ones will require to have a stable home on a counter. When choosing your new oven, consider the space which you’ve available with you.

3. Price

In addition to wide range of features present, the cost for toaster ovens also changes dramatically. A normal oven could cost you less than $50, while a bigger oven which features a rotisserie or convection fan may cost you a few hundred bucks. Again, you will need to carefully think for what purpose you’ll be employing the oven for.

It’s not a wise thing to pay for features which you will not be using, hence make sure to go through the descriptions properly and know what you’ll be getting.