Which One To Choose – Toaster Oven or a Traditional Toaster?


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A traditional toaster is standard in almost every rental home and apartment, and also in most houses. But, with the progress made by toaster ovens in the past few years, they’re often known as counter-top ovens, which can take several types of jobs similar to traditional toaster.

There still exist definite variations between Toaster Oven and a traditional toaster, though.


Toaster ovens have several features that traditional toaster do not. Toaster ovens are available with 3 basic functions such as broil, toast & bake. They accommodate the features of traditional toasters.

Highly advanced toaster ovens include multiple functions, some of which are reheat, defrost, brown, roast, and dehydrate.

Few even come with options for cookie or pizza, that makes baking your preferred foods even more easier. Controls may include reheat, defrost,pre-set cooking, and also a full-range thermostat.

A Toaster

The thermostat will normally run below 200 to 450 degrees. Few toaster ovens come with a warming compartment on top of them, that will allow you to set food to remain warm till the rest of the meal becomes ready.

Traditional toasters normally come with broiling and baking options. Few newer models have distinct broil settings, in addition to heat-release functions.

Others are equipped with time-set cooking, that allows you to leave your house & still know when you come back, the oven would have turned on & also baked your food at the correct time. Few built-in ovens are also double ovens, that will allow you to cook with distinct temperatures in dual mode.


The greatest obvious variation between a toaster oven and a traditional toaster is the size. A toaster oven may range anywhere in between one foot to almost two feet. Many models will fit on the counter-top, but few come with mounts in order to hang under the cabinets. This is particularly helpful if you are having limited space at the counter-top.

A traditional toaster is small in size and they help you to save on essential kitchen space.

Cooking Techniques

Toaster ovens are created to cook meals quickly, not only due to the tiny space which they’ve in order to heat up, but also because the heat is better concentrated. Often they’re convection, that means the heat gets circulated through the toaster oven due to the fan. That allows the meal to bake on all its sides, instead of creating a hot spot in a single area of your food.

Many argue this is among the greatest beneficial differences between a Toaster Oven and traditional toaster.

Traditional toaster might come with convection, but not normally. Particularly, they heat from 1 or 2 elements, but there’s no fan that will move the heat across. Instead, hot air start rising towards the top of your oven. The heating components allow them to cook faster as well, but the risk of burning the bottom of your cookies when the top is doughy will exist still.

Overall Energy Utilization

Toaster ovens prove to be more energy efficient as compared to traditional toasters. Although this isn’t always the case, depending on whether they are run by electricity or gas and also depending on which model.

As, traditional toasters tend to be smaller, they naturally take more period to heat up, making them not very energy efficient unlike their oven counterparts.

Toaster ovens are little larger and they occupy more space of your kitchen.