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Omlette Maker

The omelette preparation is further simplified with the invention of electric omelette makers. Electric omelet makers are fabulous add-ons to your kitchen as they will be of great help to prepare quick and delicious breakfast for your entire family. They are even suitable for preparing all kinds of egg recipes. With electric ones, even kids can prepare delicious omelets as there are fewer chances of getting hurt. There are many electric and microwave omelet makers and each one has been designed with unique features. You can pick the best of these that is affordable and meets most of your requirement. In this post, we have covered our selection of 5 best omelette makers to choose in 2020 along with mini-reviews of them.

Without much ado, here is our top list.

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Omelette Maker Model   Buy From
backpac Holstein Housewares HH-0937012SS Omelet Maker   Check Price
backpac Dash DOM001RD Nonstick Omelette Maker   Check Price
cordlessblower Holstein Housewares HF-09010B Fun Omelet Maker Check Price
cordlessblower Cuisinart WAF-B50 Breakfast Express Waffle and Omelet Maker Check Price
cordlessblower Lekue Omelette Maker – 3402700R10U008 Check Price

Omlets – A Quick History

Omelette is a dish prepared from beaten eggs fried with butter or oil in a flat pan. Sometimes this can also be prepared by whipping only egg whites by adding less amount of milk, cream or even water. Omelets can also be folded around a variety of fillings such as cheese, chives, vegetables, mushrooms, meat like ham or bacon, etc. Omelette is a French word came into use during the mid of the 16th century.

omlet breakfast

This is eaten mainly as breakfast and sometimes as snacks even. Omelette is loved by all due to its fluffiness. The meaning of omelet is “thin, small plate” derived from Latin word lamella. Omelets are easy to cook, tastes good and fills the stomach easily. Hence you can witness a number of omelet lovers across the world. Especially bachelors don’t mind having this as regular breakfast as it is very simple and takes less time to prepare.

The taste and the fillings of omelet vary across the world and accordingly they carry their own names. Some of the familiar categories of omelets are Spinach omelets from Iran, an oyster omelet from China, Denver Omelette usually served in the southwestern United States, etc. An egg white omelet is a distinct creation by omitting the egg yolk portion that helps in removing fat and cholesterol.

They are also beloved of people with diet as egg whites have very fewer carbohydrates. Sometimes flipping the baked omelet is tiresome and modern omelet makers will ease this process. The egg has many health benefits and hence plays an important role in diet and losing extra weight. These delicious omelets are loved by all as they make the stomach packed for long hours.

Omelette Maker Buyer’s Guide – How to Choose the Right Omelette Maker?

Omelet makers are superb additions to your kitchen and will be a great help to prepare a quick and delicious breakfast for your family members. The easy usage is helpful even for kids to make their own choice of omelets without having contact with the stove. There are many omelet makers in the market and each has become popular due to some of their unique admiring features. When you decide to go for the best omelet maker it is obvious to make a note of various pros and cons of each maker.

You have the option of selecting either electric omelet makers or Microwave omelet maker and based on your requirement you can make a decision. Preparing omelets in a frying pan is tedious and even the experienced may fail to get consistent omelets always. Hence electric omelet makers might be a great choice to prepare delicious omelets. Most of the omelet makers are used for multipurpose and you can even judge here based on your necessity.

Below listed are some tips that can be used as a reference prior to buying an omelet maker

1. Taste and quality

Taste of the omelet is most important to satisfy breakfast needs and preparing uniform, evenly cooked fluffy omelets with favorite ingredients will be your eventual breakfast. You can get an idea regarding taste by referring to reviews written by users.

2. Time requirement

Early hours most of us busy rushing to our routine jobs and hence time to be spent on preparing breakfast will play an important role. Choose the appliance that satisfies most of the requirements in a sensible time.

3. Advanced settings

Some omelet makers are designed with advanced settings such as browning control, Alarms, Timers, etc that will enable you to use the unit much more effectively. This again related to cost and if you think that these features are really required you can go for it.

4. Quantity

Quantity is related to the size of your family and there are omelet makers who are designed to cook two omelets at the same time. You can take a decision on this with respect to your family size and how frequently you eat omelets.

5. Dual-pan

Some Omelette makers are designed with dual pan’s enabling you to cook two different types of breakfast such as waffles and omelets. This will be of most help as you can cook both together and serve simultaneously.

6. Multitalented

Most of the omelet makers are versatile and they are not just limited to omelets and they can be even used for preparing pancakes, sandwiches, fritters, etc. You can select the one that is more versatile and also fulfill your other requirements.

7. Durability

This depends on the material used in the omelet maker. Some will be of low-cost plastic and some with stainless steel. You can get an idea by referring reviews and can opt for the better one.

8. Compatibility

It is very important for any appliance to be compatible with occupying less countertop. Some omelet makers also enable upright storage saving space. You can take a call on this by verifying against your kitchen space.

9. Cleaning

An advanced feature that enables 100% cleaning will be preferred by most as hygiene is very important to have good health. Some omelet makers even have removable plates that will ease the cleanup process. Most of the makers are non-stick and cleaning may not be a barrier.

10. Cost

Cost plays an important role while you decide to buy an affordable omelet maker. Cost is related to the unit’s quality and the number of advanced features. Sometimes, branded appliances are considerably more expensive compared to others. You can have a conclusion on this by comparing the merits and demerits of each omelet maker against its cost to select the best-priced one.

Reviews of Best Omelets Makers

Holstein Housewares HH-0937012SS Omelet Maker – Black

A healthy and protein-filled breakfast can now be prepared in no time using the Holstein Omelette maker. This omelet maker is also fantastic for getting your kids healthy protein-filled breakfast that will make them energetic throughout the day. The Holstein Omelette maker is capable of making two fluffy omelets in a short period of 10 to 12 minutes. The design of the maker gives unique petal-shaped omelets.

This will also help in saving time as you can engage yourself in other activities while the omelet is getting prepared. Holstein is one of the popular solution providers of household products across 16 different countries. The Holstein brand came into existence in 2007 to satisfy the needs of household products by inventing user-friendly compact kitchen appliances. Holstein Housewares is named representing European folklore that was having Holstein cow.

In the busy schedule usage of omelet maker has become one’s must need to fill the most important meal of everyone that is breakfast. Holstein maker helps in making two mouth-watering fluffy omelette quickly without flipping. What you need to do is just prepare the omelet mix and pour the same into the two portions of omelet maker and you can enjoy your delicious omelet in a short span of time.

Firstly the indicator light will turn on once the plug is connected and signifies the status of Preheating and Ready through Red and Green lights. The omelet maker has non-stick coated Top and Bottom plates that will facilitate easy food release and effortless cleaning. You have to coat the surface with little cooking oil or spray before filling the mixture. It is better to cover the non-stick plates with cooking oil to ensure durability.

Normally the plates are capable of sustaining 2 eggs and this will vary based on the other ingredients used in the recipe. It is always advisable to fill me mixture till the mark provided and overfilling may give way to uncooked omelets. If you are using ingredients that are dense in the water like tomatoes extra care to be taken to fill the mixture only till the first measurement mark.

The omelets will be ready in 10-12 minutes and it is always advisable to use an oven mitt and a heat-resistant plastic spatula to remove the omelets. It is not advisable for the omelet maker to stay idle without any egg mix for more than 2 minutes and in such cases, it is better to unplug the appliance. Proper usage and maintenance will ensure more life to the appliance.

As the appliance is very small and has an option to upright storage will occupy very less kitchen space. It also has a non-slip base that helps in safe cooking. The stainless steel detailing and embossed logo will make the unit look attractive. With the innovative design, you can experiment different omelet recipes to satisfy your desire for restaurant taste.

The user manual along with various omelet recipes is very helpful in setting up this appliance in your kitchen. The only drawback is the absence of ON and OFF switches that would have been helpful in saving little time of plugging/unplugging.

In general, this is a best-suited omelet maker capable of preparing fluffy omelets of your choice quickly and easily for an affordable price.

Dash DOM001RD Nonstick Omelette Maker

Dash Omelette maker ensures you with healthy and delicious breakfast within minutes. The narrow footprint and upright storage is an added advantage to fit your kitchen cabinet by occupying less space. Dash is one of the leading manufacturers of kitchen appliances. Located in New York their main motto is to enable all to cook delicious and healthy meals at home using real and unprocessed ingredients. They are well known for their unique designs to blend, prep, simmer, sauté and cook in a better way to lead a healthy life.

This Dash Omelette Maker is also featured with Flip design and unit flips over for dual side cooking. You can also cook fluffy frittatas, pizza pockets, and even crispy skin salmon. This dash maker will ease your job by helping in preparing breakfast, lunch and even dinner.

This unit is very simple to use and as soon as you connect the plug the preheating will start. Once preheated the green light illuminates indicating the Ready status of a maker. The Dash Flip omelet maker is also featured with two non-stick cooking surfaces that heat up quickly and evenly. The non-stick surface also ensures a quick and painless cleanup process.

You have to make sure to use the cooking spray before cooking for easy food release. The recommended quantity of eggs to prepare is 2 large eggs added with a few other ingredients such as ham, bacon, etc. You can enjoy the ideal omelet within 4 minutes 2 minutes for each side. You can get a nice brown surface by extending the cooking time however the omelets will be cooked evenly at the prescribed time.

The omelets need to be cooked both sides by turning the maker 180 degrees in the middle of the cooking cycle. The instructions along with recipes provided are clear-cut to understand the procedure thereby satisfying your desire of preparing restaurant-style omelets at home. The oval-shaped omelets along with ingredients look very appealing.

One more amazing feature is that the unit will also hold and cooks the overflow along with the omelet hence there will be no wastage. Cleaning is simply easy as you have to just wipe in wet and dry cloths.

This omelet maker is a great little gadget for a small family as you can prepare one omelet at a time. However, if you make both the mixture and ingredients ready, you can prepare omelets frequently without unplugging the unit thus filling others’ stomach quickly. As the unit is heated extra care is needed while opening the lid and for safety, it is better to wear an oven mitt. Apart from omelets, all egg lovers can also use this to enjoy cooked awesome eggs.

It is exciting that this unit’s high heat makes the egg foam, then rises to make a great tasting treat. The main drawback is the capacity of the unit is limited and you can prepare only one omelet at a time.
This Dash omelet maker is a terrific product and just does its job to meet the requirement.

Holstein Housewares HF-09010B Fun Omelet Maker

Using Holstein Fun Omelette Maker you can have hot breakfast in the early morning before rushing to school. Instead of sticking to only toasts you can have omelettes as a better option due to its incredible health benefits. Using kids can prepare omelette without the mess and have before going to school as this will fill their stomach easily. Holstein brand is a leading company in manufacturing small and easy to use kitchen appliances. They have won the hearts of many folks across 16 different countries.

This Fun Omelette maker is capable of making two light and tasty omelets within a short period of 10 minutes. Holstein’s omelet maker shortens the kitchen time and you can experience the fun-filled cooking. You can just set everything and concentrate on other work and your favorite fluffy omelet will be ready within 10 minutes. The omelets cooked are shaped like a small football and hence appear cute. This is capable of holding 2 eggs along with the added ingredients of your choice.

Some of the common ingredients are Onions, Spinach, mushroom, banana, etc with added cheese on one’s wish. The omelet size is fairly generous and it is enough to fill your stomach along with your family members. You can easily make two fluffy omelets without flipping.

The indicator light is very handy as it comes on to signify the status of preheating and goes off when the temperature is preheated and ready for cooking. It heats up fairly fast and cooks at the desired time. The non-stick cooking surface enables us to have even cooking and trouble-free cleaning. It is always advisable to coat the nonstick surface with cooking spray for easy slide out. You can just wipe first with a wet soapy paper towel followed by a dry clean paper towel. It is better to coat the non-stick surface with cooking oil to extend the lifespan.

The measurement marks seen in the cavities are useful that helps you in filling the right amount of mixture thereby avoiding overfilling. If your recipe contains water-dense ingredients like tomatoes fill the mixture only till the first fill mark. The non-slip base ensures a safe grip when placed on the countertop. This unit is designed to store vertical allowing easy storage.

This omelet maker is available in different FUN colors. The instruction manual along with delicious recipes will play a major role initially to set up. This maker is also suitable for preparing pancakes, cornbread fritters with a little onion, heat frozen burritos and other appetizers. The Omelette cooked carries the same taste with the one cooked in a traditional frying pan. Their good-looking features are attracted by kids and they wish to have themselves without pleading.

Missing Timer is a drawback of this omelet maker. A timer would have been a better option to get to know about the status of an omelette. Now you have to use external timers, alarms to know about the status.

In general, this Holstein Fun Omelette maker aids in preparing a complete protein-filled breakfast for you and your family members thereby enduing the required energy for the whole day.

Cuisinart WAF-B50 Breakfast Express Waffle and Omelet Maker

With Cuisinart Breakfast Express you can relish yourself by having mind-blowing waffles and omelets collectively as breakfast at the same moment. Hence you can enjoy homemade breakfast thus saving money spent to eat out in the café. Cuisinart is an American home appliance brand owned by Conair Corporation and was started in 1971 by Carl Sontheimer. The company is an extensive cookery resource with a wide collection of products, preferred by chefs and favored by consumers.

This express maker is capable of cooking 1 inch deep pockets of Belgian waffles that are light and fluffy inside and slightly crispy on the outside. The deep waffle pockets allow holding a range of toppings such as syrups, fruits, whipped cream, etc. The title “Cuisinart Breakfast Express” best suits you as you can also cook an array of breakfast stuff such as pancakes, fried eggs, grilled sandwiches, sausages, frittatas, English muffins, and much more according to one’s aspiration.

This waffle maker is double-sided, one side for cooking waffles and other for Omelettes. You can enjoy a restaurant-style golden brown waffle and a perfectly fluffy omelet at the same time. Hence this Cuisinart’s maker is one of the most needed kitchens essential for experiencing innovative cooking. The cooking is very simple you can just add ingredients on one side, close, flip and add ingredients on other side and you can enjoy tasting amazing breakfast in just a few minutes.

The advanced feature of 6-setting browning control knob facilitates custom cooking from light to dark and there are 2 knobs one for each side. You can adjust the temperature as per requirement. This control knob can also be adjusted as per your personal preference and the batter used. Unlike other units, this is designed with separate ON/OFF switch so there are no issues with plugging and unplugging. There are two separate indicator lights for both the waffle and omelet side. The green light will light up when the unit reaches proper temperature and is ready to bake and it will again illuminate when each side is done.

The advanced feature of indicator beeps help you to know the ready to cook and cooking completed status. 6 beeps indicate the ready to cook status and 3 beeps indicate ready to serve status. The waffles and the omelets cooked look very professional. Kids are fond of this unit as they can enjoy delightful waffles with their favorite toppings whenever they love without going out. You can coat the surface with cooking spray only after the unit reaches the preferred temperature.

It is better to use the measuring cup to pour the waffle into waffle grids to avoid overflowing. The added advantage is you can rotate the grids 180 degrees separately to have even cooking. Extra care to be taken while rotating the omelet grid as you have to leave the mixture for 20 seconds to stick to the surface. All the materials that come in contact with food are BPA free and hence you can experience safe cooking.

The unit looks stunning due to its outer steel case and also matches with your other kitchen appliances. The unit is compact and consumes less countertop. The non-stick surface helps with easy food release and effortless cleaning. You have to make sure that cleaning is done only after the unit cools fully with a dry paper towel. The unit also comes with a manual listing step by step instructions along with a variety of recipes that will also help you in satisfying your desire of having a range of delicious breakfasts such as pancakes, grilled sandwiches, omelets, waffles, and much more.

The cleanup would have been still easy if there was an option to dethatch the plates and this is the only drawback you foresee.

The Cuisinart Breakfast maker is an outstanding multifunctional unit that helps to taste abundant foodstuff and hence will be the favorite of all foodies. This unit deserves the price due to its advanced features and quality of baked food.

Lekue Omelette Maker – 3402700R10U008

Lekue Omelette Maker will still simplify the omelette preparation making all of us fall in love with omelettes. They are modeled to work with the microwave that will furnish quicker outcome within fewer minutes. Omelette is a traditional healthy and easily adaptable breakfast cherished across the world. You can fill your stomach with healthy omelettes by following just three steps, beat the eggs, add ingredients, pour the mix into Lekue omelette maker and keep in microwave for few minutes.

The delicious rightly shaped omelets are ready for your breakfast and you can start the day with healthy eating. Lekue is placed in the Catalonia region of Spain outside of Barcelona and is prominent in the design and manufacturing of high-end silicone products since 1980. Their innovative kitchen appliances aiming in healthy cooking have become familiar with over 40 countries covering 5 continents.

They allow all of us from kids to adults to discover the pleasure of cooking at home by blending different flavors, textures and trying thrilling recipes. As this omelet maker is non-stick it is not required to lubricate with any oil or butter. Hence the chance of adding calories is fewer and this will best suit your diet. The non-stick material also helps in easy unmolding and cleaning.

The maker is 100% platinum silicone that is resistant to a high temperature -60 degree and 220 degrees. Its flexibility and ability to withstand high temperatures allow the maker to use in microwave, oven, dishwasher, refrigerator, and freezer. One of the great features of silicon is it does not break like glass and rust like other metals. Platinum silicone resists water and germs that assures food hygiene and easy maintenance.

Storage is very simple as you can easily fold and store in the kitchen with very little space. This maker also includes a handy recipe booklet to prepare a range of omelets taking less time. It is always required to follow the instructions stated in the recipe book to get fluffy and delicious omelets. You can also prepare two omelets at the same time by placing the maker on opposite sides of the microwave and doubling the cooking time on both sides.

The cooking time and the power may vary depending on the microwave you have. In the first use, it is better to grease with little oil for easy omelet release. Always use the trivet to hold the maker after cooking as it will be extremely hot. For cleaning, do not use rough soaps and sharp materials as this will damage the maker. The knowledge of microwave cooking will make you still comfortable to use this maker.

This omelet maker is capable of holding 2 eggs added with extra toppings of your choice. They are really great for busy mornings where you will be rushing to your work and don’t mind eating an unhealthy diet without checking calories. If you ensure that you have poured the mixture on the right side, the logo seen on the maker has to come up, you can avoid the mess. Initially, you may have to spend some time adjusting the power setting in the microwave but once done this maker will work like a charm.

This maker is an ingenious unit for a great price. It is quick, easy to use, and makes the best healthy moist omelets that fill your stomach without difficulty. But as this is cooked in the microwave, the taste of the omelets may not resemble the one cooked on a frying pan by adding oil or butter.

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