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Here is a long due post from us where we are talking about one of our favorite products in the kitchen army. The panini press. Don’t we all love it? Well, in this post, we are sharing our selection and reviews of 5 best panini press & makers to choose this year. To stop wasting time in skimming through hundreds of products as we have done that hard work already for you. We’ll also discuss more regarding the panini press itself in subsequent sections, but before that let’s have the top list that you are waiting for.

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Why Panini Press & Its Specific Uses

Panini is a type of Italian bread generally served with a wide range of fillings after grilling. Panini is an Italian word that refers to a stuffed-bread sandwich. Panini can comprise a combination of ingredients such as vegetables, meat, and cheese layered between two pieces of bread. The sandwich is then pressed between two grill plates to toast the bread and warm the filling.

Panini also termed as Panino is made from bread other than sliced bread. Panini is originated in Italy between the 1970s and 1980s and they became trendy in U. S restaurants during the 1990s and then widen across other US cities with some added innovations. After the 1990s the Panini hit its way towards most of the family restaurants and hence the sales of Panini grills geared up.

Panini’s are loved by everyone in most parts of Italy and the United States and they are consumed for lunch, snacks and as starters. Quality Italian bread is the most important to prepare yummy Panini sandwiches and hence chefs mostly choose thin artisan bread like grooved focaccia or ciabatta. Some of the other bread types used are the baguette and michetta. These grilled sandwiches are prepared by cutting the bread loaf horizontally and filling it with finer ingredients such as cheese, ham, mortadella, salami or any other stuffing according to the taste of the individual.

Things You Can Do with a Panini Press

Panini grill is a countertop or stovetop grill that will enable to prepare the traditional Panini sandwiches. Panini grill contains top and bottom grooved heat plates that press the grilled bread in one operation. The sandwich can be filled with a variety of ingredients such as meats, cheeses, roasted bell peppers, roasted eggplant, basil, etc. As the sandwich is pressed by the grill both on top and bottom, the inside fillings and the crust are compressed to deliver a compact sandwich.

In modern days, electric Panini makers are more popular as they have numerous advanced features. They have top covers attached to an adjustable hinge that will help in raising the cover-up and hence to provide thicker sandwiches. Some of the other features include non-stick surface, adjustable temperature controls, LED readings, timers, and external fat collector.

Sandwiches are tasty and healthy food that is loved by all across the world and they can be eaten instantly with less preparation time. The process is further simplified with the usage of advanced Panini makers and there are innumerable Panini makers and choosing the best out of these will be a great deal.

How to Choose a Good Panini Press – Our Top Considerations

Panini’s are mostly loved by all across the world irrespective of the age group that is from kids to elders. They are considered as one of the all-time dish consumed for breakfast, lunch as well as dinner. And also you can experiment with various possibilities of adding fillings as you need. You can always spend money eating out when you have other option of having the same at home with less cost and effort. In some situations you can even procure a Panini press for the penny you spend on restaurants.

Hence it has become obvious to have a Panini press at home. Most of the Panini presses are multi-functional and can be a replacement for a toaster, griddle and you can prepare your favorite burger patty, pancakes, kebabs and much more. There are many Panini makers in the market and you can choose the best of your preference. Each Panini maker has its own merits and demerits and you can select the one that is available with lesser problems.

Some of the below listed pointed will be helpful in choosing the best panini press;

1. Size of the Panini Maker

In the busy days, it is more appropriate to have a machine that delivers required a number of sandwiches to fill the stomach faster. Smaller Panini makers offer less number of Panini’s and larger one delivers more. Based on the size of the family you can decide the most suited one.

2. User-friendly Nature

Any electric machine has to be user-friendly that allows everyone to handle safely. If there are some complicated issues with the Panini makers such as adjusting the plates it may be difficult for all to follow. It is always advisable to have an instruction material listing all the necessary information for easy operation.

3. Taste of the food

Taste of Panini is ultimate and you can sacrifice other minor issues with the maker if the taste pleases you to great extent. You can get an idea about this by going through the customer reviews’. The collective customer rating will also play a major role in selecting the best Panini maker

4. Time needed

The Time required to prepare panini’s plays an important role as this dish is used as kids breakfast and early morning you will be hurrying to send them to school. If breakfast is delayed the entire routine will be affected and also our peaceful mind will be distressed. So people will be eager to grab quick and efficient Panini maker

5. Other Fancy features

Some of the fancy features will be the best part for one to choose the Panini maker. The fancy features such as slopping grills that helps in collecting fats, non-stick plates for oil-free cooking, an extra drip tray for fat collection, etc.

6. Easy Cleaning

As Panini makers are used for cooking different types of food it is obvious to have a messy cooking surface. In some cases, it may not be possible to clean 100% and many are opting for detachable grill plates. If the Panini maker is used only for sandwich maker them the non-stick surface can be cleaned only with a paper towel wipe. Based on the usage you can choose the required category of maker

7. Storage space

Compact and easy to store Panini makers will occupy less kitchen space and there are some makers having an option of upright storage which is really great. Based on your kitchen area you can select the preferred model.

8. Cost

You can find Panini maker for different cost range and each Panini maker have its own merits and demerits. Some branded makers are already well established and carry their own signature and in such cases, people will not think much in paying extra. Before choosing a more expensive maker it is better to compare between other cheaper to understand the advantages. The user reviews will also assist in making an appropriate decision. Finally, the cost also depends on one’s financial position.

Reviews of Panini Press & Makers – Exploring the Top 5

IMUSA USA GAU-80102 Large Electric Panini Press

The IMUSA Panini press will facilitate in preparing Panini’s that match with the restaurant quality. They are also capable of making grilled sandwiches, veggies, pork chops, meat, etc. IMUSA is top international cookware company that has a wide range of household products such as cookware, appliances, and specialized ethnic items. They have well-established branches in Latin America and the United States and also they have 80 years of bondage with the customers.

You can enjoy delicious sandwiches in a very less span of time. This Panini press is capable of handling multiple functions from pancakes to grilled cheeses. The advanced feature of presetting temperature is really beneficial as this will ensure every grilled sandwich to excellence. As the surface is non-stick the cleanup process is very easy and just wiping with kitchen towels will clean the surface. Unlike other Panini makers, this doesn’t have screw holes or grease traps that make cleaning troublesome.

This will also help in grilling oil free sandwiches and hence calorie accumulation is minimized. The lower grill top has a lip which keeps any stray juices and hence the counter can be kept clean. The heating time is amazingly fast and within 2-3 minutes the Panini maker will be ready to make sandwiches. A red light indicates the power is “ON” and green light denotes that the unit is heating and once the green light goes off the unit is heated.

The outer part of the sandwiches is hot and crunchy but not excessively toasted and inside is very delicious as the cheese melts to the proper level of heat. And. You can also use this unit to make quesadillas from tortillas. The larger surface helps to prepare multiple sandwiches in just 4 to 5 minutes.

This Panini maker is simple and easy to use and prepares a sandwich that tastes similar to one made professionally. You can save money spent on eating out by preparing perfect sandwiches of your choice at home. The unit looks solid and even the material used for the handle is metal hence it will be more durable. You can use this for preparing sandwiches, stuffed French toasts, Cuban sandwiches, tortillas, quesadillas, pizza, eggs, meats, grilled cheese, grilled subs, and many more.

One more added feature is unlike other Panini makers this doesn’t have the ridges and hence you can get plain sandwiches without grill marks. The flat griddle design is a wonderful feature that also helps in even heat distribution thereby even cooking. This Panini maker can easily accommodate thicker sandwiches as it has a self-adjusting hinge.

This can also be used commercially to prepare “n” number of sandwiches to serve customers and it really works great. The Slim profile is an added advantage for easy storage. The cord fairly wraps on four points, the underside of the unit for storage and a plain handle mounted toggle switch locks the plates together for upright storage. The only demerit is missing ON/OFF button and the only way to use this Panini maker is by just plugging/unplugging the unit.

IMUSA Large Electric Panini Press is an amazingly simple, easy, multifunctional, durable unit that can be affordable for all sandwich lovers.

Hamilton Beach 25460A Panini Press Gourmet Sandwich Maker

You can enjoy your delicious restaurant quality Panini’s using Hamilton Beach Panini Press Gourmet Sandwich maker for less cost. By preparing sandwiches at home, you can also ensure that you have used a healthy and fresh ingredient. This Panini press is capable of making many things from a basic grilled cheese to a thick and tasty Reuben sandwich. As both the top and bottom gets heated the resultant sandwich will be brown, warm and crispy. The grill marks on the sandwich will carry a pleasant appearance. Hamilton Beach Professional is a new line of countertop kitchen appliances designed with superior components to attain exceptional performance.

Apart from sandwiches this Panini maker is also able to make the chicken quesadilla that is warm and cheesy inside and toasted on the outside. The advanced feature of locking the top surface to your requirement will facilitate in cooking a wide range of the foodstuff. The turn knob on the right side that slides forward and backward can be used to lock the top surface at an appropriate height as per requirement while the unit is cooking and pressing and this will also save the time spent on pressing manually.

You can also prepare pizza and bruschetta by adjusting the locking hinge to create a gap between the press and pizza toppings and also suitable for burgers and steaks.

This Panini maker grills sandwiches of any thickness and the advanced feature of the Café-style floating lid will evenly press the sandwiches of any size. It is always advisable to preheat the press 6 minutes before start using. The two lights provided red and green indicates power and ready status.

The cooking surface is non-stick and spacious that will enable to prepare 2-3 sandwiches at the same time. You can enjoy café style warm, yummy and oil-free Panini sandwiches in minutes. The nonstick surface helps in easy food removal and simplifies cleaning. Nothing sticks to the nonstick surface as it can be easily wiped using a paper towel.

This unit is compact and you can accommodate easily in your kitchen cabinet and it can also be closed and stored vertically using the hook provided. The only drawback is missing variable heat setting and this is not a major factor that affects overall performance. The presence of On/off switch would have made the unit still contented.

Overall this Panini maker is simple, quick, well constructed, and user-friendly, and designed with not many fancy settings thereby permitting easy operation. The detailed instructions provided in the user manual along with a variety of recipes will facilitate everyone to exploit Panini maker to the best of the needs. Coastwise it is inexpensive and reachable by all who desire to have Panini.

Breville BSG520XL Panini Duo Nonstick Panini Press

Breville’s Panini Duo is a professional sandwich maker produced to satisfy most of the domestic needs. Breville is an Australian company well-known for manufacturing compact domestic appliances. They are the first manufacturers of the original sandwich maker and now they have expanded their trade across the globe. This Panini Duo from Breville is very strong and elegant and with its stainless steel housing, it intends customers more durability. The Beeville’s sandwich makers have become iconic globally for their excellence and durability.

The heating element rated 1500-watt will heat up quickly to deliver Paninis rapidly. The unique feature of this Panini Duo is the ribbed top plate that brings attractive grill marks on any kind of bread. The bottom plate of the duo will distribute even and quicker heat on the flat surface to prepare ideal Paninis or any sandwiches of your choice. The flat bottom plate is also ideal for cooking breakfast items such as fried eggs, omelets, quesadillas, tofu, pancakes and many more. The flat surface is capable of toasting 4 Paninis at a time.

The non-stick, scratch-proof finest quality surface facilitates easy cleaning and also you can enjoy fat-free dishes. Both the plates are coated with non-stick Quantanium™ that allows oil-free cooking and resist scratching even when using metal utensils.

A red light indicates power is “ON” and preheating in progress. The preheating will start with both the plates in the closed position and once heated the green “Ready” light illuminates. You can start preparing your delicious Paninis by placing the sandwich on the bottom plate. With 4 settings of adjustable height control, you can easily grill thick artisan bread or toast your preferred open-style melts.

The adjustable height control can be accustomed to making room for thick or thin melts by sliding the clip forward or backward along the arm. Your delicious sandwiches will be ready to serve within 3-4 minutes and based on once requirement the toasting time can also vary.

Using this Panini maker you can prepare sandwiches from most of the bread types such as white, wholegrain, kibbled wheat, raisin loaf and etc. They are also most suited for toasting Foccacia, Turkish bread, baguettes, and bread rolls. This Panini press is light in weight and heats up fast and browns evenly. The flat surface also enables to reheat other food stuff like pizzas before consuming.

This is a topnotch Panini press and the quality of material and the workmanship is highly admirable. The storage of the duo Panini press is very easy as you can lock the unit, wrap the power cord in cord storage area and store in an upright position. The instruction manual along with safety information and recipes will assist in better usage of the product. Even the kids have found it easy to use as they make their own sandwiches. The lack of dedicated ON/OFF switch is not a problem at all as the unit delivers great Paninis.

The only disadvantage is that the grill pans are not removable and this is not a major issue as the nonstick surface can be wiped neatly to keep it dirt-free. This small Panini maker is best suited for a family of 2 members.
Breville’s Panini Duo is a good-looking, simple, versatile, and well-crafted appliance best suited for those who wish to enjoy quick delicious meals with pretty grid lines.

George Foreman 4-Serving Removable Plate Grill and Panini Press

George Foreman is familiar with continued innovation in manufacturing grilling machines. George Foreman Grill is an interior, electrically heated grills manufactured by Spectrum Brands. This was promoted by former boxing champion George Foreman in 1994. One important benefit of these grills is a unique fat reduction technique of reducing the fat content present in hamburgers and other meats by draining away into a separate tray. Their presence across the globe ensured them continuous sales of over 100 million units.

This 4-serving grill is able to cool your mouth-watering Panini’s and any food of your choice quickly within 10 minutes. The indoor surface is spacious and makes room for 4 servings and hence you can prepare burgers, chicken or any veggies for your entire family without any hassle. The double coated non-stick surface guarantees more durability and helps in cooking oil free food. This grill heats up 35% faster than previous models and hence you can enjoy your delicious feast in only 10 minutes.

They are built with exclusive fat removing design where the lower heating surface is slanted that allows melted fat and other fluids to drain into a removable drip tray. This helps in draining 42% of fat thereby allowing healthy cooking of all the desired meats. The grill just works by plugging the unit, and indicator lights red and green convey information about preheating and the grill will be ready to cook within 5 minutes. The heating plates are thin and hence they warm up fast.

You can use this appliance to cook Panini’s, burgers, chicken, tortillas, and many more. The adjustable hinge is an added feature that will allow the grill cover to regulate the thickness of food. When you are cooking multiple portions it is always advisable to cook food of the same thickness to obtain even browning. The design is very compact and takes very little kitchen space for storage.

If you are on a diet to cut down extra kilos better to get used to this Panini press to enjoy the healthy fat-free food of your choice. You can have a hot lunch sitting at your home by avoiding both time and money to be spent on eating out.
Unlike other Panini makers, this is designed with a removable dishwasher safe plates/drip tray that will really help you to keep your unit hygiene by cleaning 100%.

The overcrowding of the grill may yield tasteless food. Hence it is always better to cook food in matching with the unit’s capacity. The only shortfall is the power cord is short. As this Panini press is little it is suitable for smaller families. The user manual provided with the grill will allow understanding features and safety instructions better.
This mind-blowing affordable George-Foreman’s grill with its unique features will be your perfect choice to pack your hunger stomach.

Cuisinart GR-1 Griddler Panini and Sandwich Press

Cuisinart Griddler is designed to satisfy your desire of tasting authentic restaurant quality Panini’s at home by spending quality time with family. Cuisinart is an American home appliance brand owned by Conair Corporation and was started in 1971 by Carl Sontheimer. The company is an extensive cookery resource with a wide collection of products, preferred by chefs and favored by consumers.

This Griddler from Cuisinart will be your preferred Panini press due to some added features. The unit’s upper and lower attached grill plates allow even grilling and toasting and the outer steel coating ensures extra durability. The stamped Cuisinart logo in the top steel brushed cover is graceful and commercial. One more appealing feature is it offers a special drip spout that truly helps in draining grease away from food thereby permitting healthy cooking.

The unit is designed competently to satisfy most of the requirements for Panini making. Its adjustable floating hinge enables to accommodate any thickness for rightly grilled Paninis and sandwiches. By applying light pressure on the handle you can press and heat the sandwich to your desire. Freshly baked Italian bread will give in best and tasty Paninis.

This Panini press is useful for grilling Panini’s, bread and also quesadillas. You can make 2 sandwiches simultaneously to serve two people and this will save the waiting time. You can try any sandwiches such as sliced tavern ham and swiss cheese, or smoked turkey with gruyere, etc and the possibilities are endless.

The base of the Panini press is strong and helps for better accommodation. After usage, the power cord can be easily wrapped around the bottom of the base and stored in an appropriate place. The lights red and green specifies the status of “Power on” and “Ready to Cook”.

The preset temperature is an added advantage that guarantees crisp and golden-brown Paninis. The non-stick Panini style grill plates will toast the Panini’s uniformly both on top and bottom. Cleaning is very easy using the cleaning tool that comes as part of the unit. This tool will help in removing the excess food from the non-stick surface and later can be wiped with soft dry cloths.

The user manual included as part of the shipment contains detailed step by step procedure along with various delightful recipes. As most part of the unit is made of either steel or cast iron extra care to be taken while opening Griddler when in use. The black plastic area of the unit stays cool and by taking the grip of this you can open the Griddler. As the griddle is compact storage is not an issue. This Panini maker comes with a short power supply cord to reduce the risk of entangling over long cords thereby avoiding power tripping.

The only drawback is that this Panini press is small and you can prepare only two sandwiches at a time and hence suitable for small families.

On the whole, this is a fabulous Panini maker that gratifies your wish of having genuine restaurant kind Panini’s at home for a lesser value.

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