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Pasta Maker

This article is about how to choose the “Best Pasta Maker” for your kitchen.  We handpicked the top 5 products to make your work easy so that you can pick the best one which suits your requirements. Before that let’s know what is Pasta?

Pasta is a traditional Italian food first originated in Sicily around 11th century. It is similar to noodles made from unleavened dough of durum wheat flour mixed with water or eggs to form sheets of various shapes and later cooked or baked to prepare pasta. This can also be prepared using rice flour to stay away from gluten products. Pasta is further classified as dried and fresh and both of them are seen in a number of shapes and varieties.

Best Pasta Maker – 5 Top Picks for 2021

Pasta Maker Model   Price
backpac Marcato 8320 Atlas Pasta Machine   Check Price
backpac Gourmia GPM9980 – Pasta Maker   Check Price
cordlessblower Philips Avance Pasta Maker Check Price
cordlessblower Ovente Stainless Steel Pasta Maker Check Price
cordlessblower Imperia Pasta Maker Machine Check Price

What Is Pasta And How To Make It

Pasta is a simple dish that is consumed in assorted ways at different occasions. The cooked pasta is plated with sauce, can be in soup-form, or eaten along with the main dish. The sauce and type of pasta are matched based on evenness and ease of eating. The type of sauce varies across the region and some of the familiar sauces are tomato sauce, white sauce, Bolognese, etc.

Fresh pasta is made freshly at home using fresh ingredients including eggs that pass on the tenderness whereas, dry pasta is made in factories, produced in large amounts using capable machines and has a longer life. In Italy, the names of pasta commonly vary with respect to region and the town, and hence single pasta name can be known by 28 different names across Italy.

Unlike noodles, pasta’s are seen in different shapes and some of the common forms are long shapes, short shapes, tubes, flat shapes and sheets, miniature soup shapes, filled or stuffed and decorative shapes. Pasta is rich in carbohydrates and fills the stomach easily thus they are also considered as healthy food.

Initially, Pasta was part of Italian and European cuisine and with massive popularity, is one of the familiar fast food across the world. This indeed has even increased the number of people aiming at homemade pasta’s to lead a healthy lifestyle. This can be accomplished by buying a convincing pasta maker, a machine that makes fresh pasta.

The Pasta makers can be classified into two main categories Manual and Electric.

Manual Pasta Makers With Rollers And Cutters

You can prepare pasta’s in manual pasta maker by rotating the handle to make the rollers and cutters to work, the rollers will roll your pasta dough to flat sheets and the cutters will cut it to the desired shape and using regulating knob the thickness of the pasta can be controlled.

Electric Pasta Extruders

Pasta extruders are more advanced than the manual pasta makers, as most of these will also mix the dough in the special mixing compartments, and shaping discs will push the dough to prepare desired pasta.

Nevertheless, there are many types of pasta makers available in the market and choosing the best pasta maker that satisfies your requirement is little tricky. It is better to fully know the requirement of a pasta maker and choose the best, as there are many makers in the market, and not all will be of good quality. Buying poor quality will be a waste as the lifespan will be short and it will not be convenient to use.

Important Features To Know While Choosing The Best Pasta Maker

Pasta has become everyone’s favorite healthy dish, and especially homemade fresh pasta is awesome, as they are prepared with your control and free from preservatives. Choosing the best pasta maker is not easy as each maker is unique and works best to meet the requirement. In current scenario with the familiarity of pasta dish, there are additions of many great pasta machines into the market and we will guide you in finding the ideal pasta maker that accomplishes most of your requirements.

Listed below are some important tips that can be used as a guide while you buy a new pasta maker

Types Of Pasta Maker

There are two types of pasta makers, manual and electric. Electric pasta makers are very quick and hence save time and labor but they are expensive compared to manual pasta makers. Manual pasta makers are affordable, reliable but still require a bit of work and electric pasta makers are expensive, quicker, and easy to make different types of pasta. You can take a decision on this by considering the quantity of pasta to be cooked and how frequently. If you have to satisfy a large crowd often then better to go with electric pasta maker to get pasta quicker.


Poor quality equals a short lifespan of the machine and a lot of hassles and inconvenience when making the pasta itself. Hence it is always better to purchase a good quality sturdy machine. Here, you can also consider the details such as brand, manufacturer, material, and refer customer reviews to know about the durability of the machine.


Features like increased pasta type options increased roller width, options to set thickness, etc. will give you a better machine overall. Of course, certain features are only available with high-end machines, but you can find plenty of them with nearly every machine on the market. Look at each machine and decide whether it has the features you need that will be totally valuable.


Cost plays an important role while making a decision in buying the best pasta roller machine that you can afford. It may not be possible to satisfy everything, but you can balance your needs against our budget, thereby figuring out the best that suits you.

Ease Of Cleaning

Effortless cleaning of the pasta maker is important as there are more possibilities of dough entering the nooks and crannies and you may have to spend more time in cleaning. Some dishwasher-friendly parts will take a lot of the work off of your plate. Hence it is better to understand the cleaning process before buying a pasta maker.

Reviews of Pasta Makers – Exploring the Top 5

Marcato 8320 Atlas Pasta Maker

This Italian breed, Marcato 8320 Atlas pasta machine, is the original world-class appliance that crafts fantastic pasta. This machine is designed to roll and cut the pasta dough for making traditional lasagna, fettuccine, and Taglioni and 13 other pasta shapes by using a wide range of accessories. Marcato is an Italian company who are the world leaders in the manufacture of machines and accessories for preparing fresh pasta, biscuits, bread, and pizza. They have a history of 80 years and they mainly work towards designing products that are versatile and high quality.

The Marcato machine is entirely housed with high-quality chrome steel that encompasses a very classic look. As they are available in six different colors you can choose one that matches the other kitchen appliances. The “Wellness” feature is an exclusive patent of Marcato where no other manufacturer offers rollers and cutters that are free from heavy metals.

The rollers and cutters of this Atlas 150 machine are made of anodized aluminum with a special “micro-rough” surface for catching the dough easily. As the food is safe from harmful metals such as chromium and nickel the “Wellness” name became trendy.

The main reason to go for Marcoto is they are made in Italy, who is passionate towards pasta and wellness in eating. The culture of healthy eating is the foremost step towards wellness and this is achieved by eating pasta made with simple and authentic ingredients, a symbol of the Mediterranean diet.

This machine also includes pasta cutter, hand crank, clamp, and complete instructions along with pasta making the recipe. Even though they are designed to make 3 pasta shapes, they can also easily attach a pasta drive motor or any of 13 pasta cutting accessories that are sold separately.

This pasta machine is easy to use and features a 10-position regulating knob that facilitates in achieving a range of dough sheet thicknesses from 4.8 mm in position 0, to 1.6 mm in position 9. The main press/roller creates sheets of pasta that are useful for lasagna and two cutters one for fettuccine and other for spaghetti. The fettuccine is flat wide noodles and spaghetti’s are thin and square-shaped noodles and the roller is capable of rolling the dough up to 150-millimeters wide.

If you use a high-quality flour, and fine recipe, you can end up tasting mind-blowing pasta. The consistency of the dough plays an important role, and make sure that the machine is never submerged in water for any reason.
One more added feature is the anodized aluminum rollers with an invisible rough surface that makes the pasta porous and allows binding easily with the sauce used.

Marcato is stable and sturdy due to its easy-to-fix clamp and rubber screwed feet. The surfaces of the machine can be easily cleaned with a cloth or a dry brush. The polymeric resin combs are removable for cleaning purpose.

A minor drawback is a missing chute or ramp at the bottom to have easy pasta slide down on its own, and it will be more useful if the numbers on roller dial are little increased, that indeed helps in easy reading. Be extra cautious while fitting the clamp to the countertop as the surface has to be completely flat without any curved edges.

Marcato 8320 Atlas pasta machine is a sturdy and extremely well-made, high-quality product that ensures guaranteed usage for decades. Homemade fresh pasta is much healthier than dried pasta and Marcato 8320 Atlas pasta machine made it possible without much effort.

Gourmia GPM9980 – Pasta Maker

Gourmia GPM9980 is a multimode manual pasta maker that helps in preparing effortless appetizing pasta from scratch. Gourmia pasta maker is amazing, as it helps in preparing different varieties of pasta, and allows you to explore with your creations. The pasta maker features 9 thickness settings allowing you to create a variety of different shaped pasta with endless possibilities.

Gourmia is a NY based company who are passionate about manufacturing cooking tools for a healthy lifestyle. They enable consumers to eat better, fresher, and healthy food spending less amount of time. Their products carry higher values of innovation and performance. They always try to bring professional-chef methods to every kitchen, preparing healthy meals easily.

The main amazing feature of this pasta maker is the material used to craft the machine is finest stainless steel thus ensuring more durability. The taste of the pasta will stay alike as the stainless steel surface, steel chrome plated cutter, and the roller will not rust even after regular usage.

The straightforward mechanism used is fabulous, you have to just pass your dough through the roller for flattening and then through the cutter for cutting. A good mixture should never stick to your fingers and hence make sure the mixture prepared is perfect for pasta preparation.

The handle on the side will enable you to flatten and cut your dough. The roller can roll up to the thickness of a 1/4th inch. The Gourmia pasta maker enables to create 9 different shaped pasta by featuring 9 thickness settings, and some of the familiar pasta shapes that can be prepared by this maker are Spaghetti, Lasagna, Ravioli, and Fettuccini.
By adopting just a few simple steps you are ready to taste the delicious and healthy homemade pasta in less time span. The basic recipe and clear-cut instructions that come along with the product simplifies the process. The entire device is compact and entails very less kitchen counter space.

The pasta maker can be easily maintained by cleaning using either brush or wooden rod and the machine should not be immersed in water.

Gourmia GPM9980 indeed is a great pasta maker for a very fair price and satisfies all the basic requirements of pasta preparation.

Philips Avance Pasta Maker

Philips Avance pasta maker satisfies one’s desire of preparing delicious pasta quickly and easily with the advanced automatic technology. Manual pasta making will consume considerably more time and this can be reduced almost to half with this pasta maker. The pasta’s prepared will be very consistent as the maker prevents overheating, or mixing and cutting anything extremely thick, and thus maintaining uniformity. As they are safe, even kids can enjoy and have fun preparing pasta at home. This modern technology is really God’s gift for large-scale operations such as big family or commercial uses.

Philips stays as number 1 pasta making company in Italy. The strong material and advanced engineering enable the maker to exert approximately 1 pound force on the dough while extrusion, thus facilitating delicious and perfect texture pasta in just 15 minutes.

Everything is automatic including the creation of dough. It is very important to follow the measurements as notified in the user manual to enjoy the perfect pasta of your choice. This maker also includes 4 shaping disks for various types of pasta such as spaghetti, penne, fettuccini, and lasagna. This maker also allows adding other shaping discs that come as additional accessories to prepare different types of noodles and pasta.

You can even use different flour and different ingredients such as egg, herbs or spinach and carrot juice to enjoy flavored and colorful pasta. Especially, kids will have fun to see colored pasta and your time spent on feeding them may be saved.

The free recipe book that includes guidelines for preparing 20 varieties of pasta will be of great help and thus you will have more choices in enjoying your pasta dish. This will also help you in identifying yourself as an extraordinary cook in your family circle.

The measuring cup provided will hold 250 gm and serve two people, and if you want more pasta’s you can add 2 cups of dough. Pour the water into the mixing chamber only after turning “ON” the pasta maker using measuring cup provided, by referring the pasta-making recipe table on the user manual.

Any ingredients of your wish can be added but make sure that it is in liquid form. If everything is perfect the pasta will extrude out after few minutes and can be collected in a container. If the ratio of liquid and flour doesn’t match then pasta’s fail to extrude and you may have to troubleshoot the problem and redo the pasta making process.

The cleaning process is also simple as you have to just wipe in the dry cloth. The maker also includes specially designed cleaning tools matching the shaping disc that makes cleaning an easy one-push job. It is always advised to clean the unit after each use to ensure longevity.

All detachable parts in the front panel such as shaping disc holder, mixing paddle, and mixing chambers can be cleaned in dishwasher or tap running water. The cleaning will be still easier if it is done after the dough dries completely and after cleaning always air dry all the parts before assembling.

The detailed user manual contains all the information’s needed to use this pasta maker and enjoy amazing homemade pasta. This pasta maker will be your ultimate kitchen gadget if you care the appliance following all the cautions listed in the user manual. The Philips pasta maker is intact and the stylish drawer provided allows storing the shaping discs and cleaning tools thereby enabling the maker to carry the gracious look.

The main demerit is that this pasta maker will not work for Asian noodles that are prepared with gluten-free dough such as rice, potato starch, etc. The cleanup time is also a little higher compared to other makers. Here you have to disassemble and clean all the parts each time. The price is a little higher compared to other pasta makers and this may not be very significant as the machine is built with outstanding features.

Philips pasta maker no doubt is an essential appliance to you that fulfills the desire of preparing fresh pasta easily and quickly with very little mess compared to hand cracker machine.

Ovente Stainless Steel Pasta Maker (PA518B)

Ovente stainless steel pasta maker is easy to use an appliance that helps to prepare fresh, homemade, and authentic pasta thus avoiding packed dry pasta. They are built with high- quality food grade carbon and high grade 304 stainless steel and hence ensure the durability. Ovente is a rapidly emerging online store for kitchen appliances located in the United States. They were established in 1999 and carry the fame for the top-notch quality products that they manufacture.

The appliance comprises a stainless steel hand crank with a plastic handle, adjustable countertop clamp, double pasta cutter attachment, and a 7-position Dial. The size of this pasta maker is 180mm which is wider compared with others.

While preparing pasta, the first foremost step is the preparation of dough and the dough prepared should not stick to the hand. The next step is the dough needs to be flattened as per requirement and this pasta maker has a 7-position dial of different thickness options ranging from 0.5mm to 3mm.

The double pasta attachments facilitate in preparing delicious, flavored spaghetti and fettuccine. The stainless steel handle helps to roll the pasta and turn it into different types. The adjustable clamp fits securely on any countertop thereby ensuring safety.

This versatile appliance is also capable of making ramen noodles, flatten out polymer clay, fondant for cakes, and roll out dough to serve any purpose. Your pasta dish will certainly be a triumph among friends and family at various events such as parties, potlucks, etc. You can also try preparing ravioli by cutting the dough very thin and the even thickness of rolled dough enables making pierogi.

Cleaning is also effortless as you have to just clean the appliance using a brush/clean dry cloth or wooden rod. Vaseline oil or mineral oil can be used to lubricate the rollers. It is advised not to use water and not to insert knives or any cleaning tool between the rollers. You can also clean the roller by passing a small quantity of dough through the roller and discarding them later.

An extra table clamp would make the appliance still secure and the lack of detailed instructions is one of the demerits as not all will be familiar with preparing pasta.

The Ovente pasta maker (PA518B) is undeniably an immense product for the great value of money and meets all basic requirements of pasta maker thereby satisfying the desire for fresh homemade restaurant-quality pasta.

Imperia Pasta Maker Machine

This Italian made pasta maker will aid in tasting the freshest pasta that you have ever tasted at home. The Imperia pasta machine looks graceful with shiny chromed plated steel. As the pasta machine is made from heavy-duty steel material it ensures long-lasting durability. Imperia is an Italian company, grown wider from past 70 years, to become leaders in distributing pasta machine across the world.

This expansion also yielded on 25 items to assure guaranteed quality pasta that tastes similar to their homeland Italy. Imperia pasta machines are legendary for their supreme quality and effortless usage. They focus on making elite, stylish and easy to use pasta machines and they have even made their name in manufacturing small kitchen gadgets.

This pasta machine is sturdy as it is made from heavy-duty, shiny chromed plated steel. The steadfast table clamp will enable us to adjust the machine to the table thereby ensuring the safety process. The easy-lock adjustment dial helps in setting the thickness while the dough sheets are rolled.

This machine is amazing as the 6-inch wide roller with double cutter head facilitates in making thin spaghetti and wide fettuccini noodles. They are also designed to accommodate a variety of noodle shaped attachments that are available discretely. The wood grip handle is very simple to use and you can prepare pasta with minimal effort.

This machine includes pasta maker, crank, clamp, pasta cutter. It also includes an instruction booklet along with recipes and they are capable of making pasta with 150mm width. The pasta prepared will be very delicious and some say they are even better than the one that you taste in well-known Italian restaurants.

Cleaning is also easy as you have to just wipe it with a dry cloth. It is better to clean the machine after drying as any dough stick to the machine can be easily removed. The secret of getting good pasta is the preparation of the right dough which plays a vital role in the entire process. This can be achieved by referring the ingredients and the ratio of water and dough listed in the recipe book.

The dough prepared should not be too wet or dry and it is better to rest the dough for 15 minutes before rolling to enjoy the good texture of pasta. At the very first use of the machine, you can discard the pasta as it cleans the machine by removing dust and other stuff. Once the dough is rolled out it is better to leave it to dry for a few minutes before using cutters. You can impress your guests by serving authentic homemade delicious fresh pasta that is free of additives.

You can also get an imperial pasta motor that can be attached to this machine that will eliminate the need of using the hand crank, and also you can position your pasta machine anywhere you wish, not just the edge of the table.
Some of the drawbacks are the clamp doesn’t extend far enough through the center of the machine to prevent it from swinging when in use, and detailed instructions would have been an added advantage to start the pasta processing faster

Imperia Pasta Machine is a very well-built sturdy machine for a decent price and if cared for properly, the investment can be passed down through generations.

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