Did You Know the History of Sandwich Makers?

sandwich history

sandwich is among the oldest food items known to human beings. If you look at its primary form, it has hardly anything above 2 slices of bread along with some form of stuffing or filling in the middle.

In the past few years, the sandwich making art has evolved in such a way that you can easily see various types of sandwiches in the market today, but usually, sandwiches were eaten at the time when it wasn’t feasible to consume regular food items, like during your travel period or during your working times.

sandwich toaster or a sandwich maker is one very easy contraption. It’s only 2 square concave slices of cast iron that can be clamped together & held above open fire or coals with the help of long handles.

The fire toasted bread as well as melted the cheese which was the component of stuffing making the complete thing taste way better.

They took Birth during 20th Century

Such type of sandwich makers was moved along with people in South Africa and Australia till the mid part of the 20th century as it was among the most preferred ways to consume hot food items out in open at the time you were camping.

Sometime during the early part of the 20th century, the invention of electric sandwich toasters took place that used electricity to perform the same task which the fire used some time ago.

It was hardly anything different from the same concave equipment from the conventional toasters which were heated on outside with the help of electric heaters.

The complete thing got covered in a heatproof substance in order to stop the heat from coming outside.

The Winning Design

In the year 1974, Breville in Australia, launched “Snack ‘n’ Sandwich toaster” that had one unique “Cut-n-steal” system which cut the sandwich in a diagonal way through the middle & sealed the sides additionally.

That design became so famous that it almost 400,000 units during its first year of release. This is the reason why even today, Breville is widely used in various parts of the world for sandwich toasters. The exact design is the inspiration for the majority of manufacturers since then.

Hence, it’s the most common and widely found sandwich toaster design even today.

In today’s kitchen, sandwich makers are among the most low-cost equipment which is used widely.

The fact is the sole thing that outsells sandwich toasters is the combination of sandwich makers & waffles which provide you with the option of preparing sandwiches and waffles both.

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