Review of Breville BSG1974XL – The Original Sandwich Maker

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Today we are going to review Breville BSG1974 the Original Sandwich Maker which is invented 40 years ago and has catered around 6 million (Numbers still increasing!) sandwich lovers worldwide who are highly satisfied.

This sandwich maker is invented in 1974 by Breville and named as Breville BSG1974XL. This is the first seal & cut sandwich maker which cuts sandwiches diagonally half and is also called as original Sandwich Maker.

Product Details

It is made up of polished stainless steel material. Handles are there to make the opening and closing very easy. It is very durable when compared to those with plastic handles. It consists of deeper pockets which help to fill more of your favorite ingredients. The plates are bigger in size so that you can prepare sandwiches with super sized breads also. You can prepare two sandwiches at a time.

Unique Features

This is the first seal and cut sandwich maker which consists of scissor which seals and cuts the sandwiches in diagonally half.

The pockets have a beautiful shell design that you get on your sandwiches.

This product can be stored in a little place as it stands upright.

Size and Dimensions

The dimension of the product is 11.2*11.8*4.5 Inches.  The weight of the product is 5.3 pounds. This product comes with a 3-year warranty and it can also be extended.  It consists of wider plates so two large sandwiches can be cooked in minutes.

Product Usage:

It is always recommended to go through the product manual once to operate any newly brought product to reduce the risk of damage to the product. Using BSG1974XL is very easy, just place two pieces of bread in each pocket, place your favorite ingredients on them then top with one more slice of bread and close with handles putting clamp, then apply electric power.  Within minutes you will get fresh sandwiches that are seal and cut in diagonally half.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

It consists of PFOA free non-stick coating, so the cleaning is very easy. The design is very simple so after preparation one can clean the pockets with ease.

It takes very little place in your kitchen and suits the kitchen of any design.


The pockets are too big so that with lesser fillings in your sandwiches it is not possible to get the shell designs over them.

Some scratch marks will come on the surfaces while ejecting the sandwiches.

There is no beep or music indication once the sandwich is done, the only green light indication is there which one should keep on checking whether it is done or not.

It is not so good for the bread of round shapes.

Final Thoughts

Breville BSG1974XL is the best choice if you are looking for a handy, lightweight unit that also requires less storage place. These seal and cut shell-shaped sandwiches will be loved by one and all.  Sandwiches are prepared in very little time and very easy to clean this unit which makes your breakfast preparation effortless.

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