Review of T-fal SW6100004 EZ Waffle Sandwich Maker


If you are searching for a versatile waffle maker, you should go through the details of a review of T-fal SW6100004 EZ Clean Nonstick Sandwich and Waffle Maker.

T-fal SW6100004 EZ sandwich and waffle maker will let you prepare waffles, desserts and snacks in an efficient way. You can make pocket sandwiches at any time of the day by using sandwich plates.

Comprehensive Review of T-fal SW6100004 EZ Waffle Sandwich Maker

Product Description and Features

The unit is prepared with two sets of interchangeable plates. You can make crispy waffles for breakfast by using the waffle maker.

The safe dishware product offers few features through which you can certainly get the most out of your investment.

It comes with a non-stick surface. There are indicator lights which will advise that the power is on and the unit is ready for operation.

The unit has dishwasher safe parts so that the cleaning is made easy. The dimensions of the unit are 12.7” x 11.9” x 6.8”. The weight of the unit is 4.5 pounds.

You are advised to go through the instructions before using the waffle maker. The hot surfaces should not be touched as you can use handles or knobs to hold it and move it from one location to another location. The appliance should not be left unattended.

You can prevent the entanglement of the power cord by keeping it short. T-fal SW6100004 EZ sandwich and waffle maker is intended for household applications.

The appliance should not be kept on top of the fragile material. Before using the unit for the first time, you should wash the plates. A little cooking oil should be poured, and waffles should be wiped off by using a soft cloth. If there is surplus oil, it can be removed by using a clean kitchen paper towel.

To change the plates, you should ensure that the appliance is in cold condition. You should wait until the green button glows on before pouring the ingredients.

The waffle mix that you pour on the plates should not exceed the height of the separation. The waffle should be intact until the cooking time recommended as per the recipe.

Waffles can be removed by using the spatula. Enough care should be taken to store and preserve it so that it can be cleaned and managed very easily.

8.5Expert Score
Sleek Exterior

Distinct Toast Controls

  • Delicious Waffles – You can have delicious Sunday brunch by preparing Belgian Waffles. Grilled ham and cheese pocket sandwiches can be made in an effortless way.
  • Two sets of interchangeable plates – There are two sets of interchangeable plates which come with T-fal non-stick coating.
  • Dishwasher safe – The plates can be removed, and it is dishwasher safe so that cleaning can be accomplished in an effortless manner.
  • Easy maintenance – The waffle plates can be soaked in water, and you can clean the unit very quickly.
  • No timer – There is no timer facility on the waffle maker. You will not get an alert when the temperature of the waffle goes beyond the limit.
  • Expensive – It is expensive. The advantage with T-fal SW6100004 EZ sandwich and waffle maker is that cleaning can be accomplished in an effortless manner.


T-fal SW6100004 EZ waffle sandwich maker will let you prepare high-quality turkey and sandwiches in an effortless manner.

Even though the unit is expensive, it will take care of your needs and will let you clean the unit in an efficient way. You will no more suffer from boring sandwiches, and high-quality dishes can be prepared by following the guidelines given by the manufacturer.

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